December 16, 2021
VentureCrushFGX (via Zoom)
January 12, 2022
VentureCrushFG (via Zoom)
January 24, 2022
VentureCrush (via Zoom)
January 27, 2022
VentureCrushFGX (via Zoom)
VentureCrushSF is an invite-only event created by the Tech Group at Lowenstein Sandler and led by the Tech Group's Chair, Ed Zimmerman, the Palo Alto Managing Partner, Kathi Rawnsley, and colleagues from Lowenstein Sandler's California and New York offices. With the help of some great venture investor co-hosts, VentureCrushSF brings together FOUNDERS, TECH EXECUTIVES and INVESTORS for a series of small discussions relevant to the tech community. We then invite even more tech industry insiders to a big party featuring a LIVE PERFORMANCE, incredible wine and food, and some wonderful winemaker guests.
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